Innovative New Market Place Platform

At the end of last year Brilliant British Brands  embarked on the development of a new online platform which was originally planned for launch in the Autumn of this year. The BBP marketplace will connect Brilliant British Producers with buyers at every level allowing them to showcase what’s great, innovative, and special about their brands. Powerful search tools will let buyers filter in a myriad of ways to search out relevant offerings to their very specific criteria, set range and category review periods, see what’s trending and much much more.

Market Place aims to negate the need for attendance of so many exhibitions and shows by producers and buyers alike, and this is even more relevant in these current times and for some foreseeable time in the future. It’s also a way of levelling up great British challenger brands who often get overlooked for the more establish brands with deeper pockets.Following a review a couple of months ago with our technology joint venture partners, it was decided to drastically accelerate the development of our new digital Marketplace platform.

The aim now is to bring the platform to market in a matter of weeks opposed to months as originally planned. We are streamlining and mitigating some of the planned consultation stages with producers and buyers alike to allow this fast-track development to take place. Once launched ongoing improvements and additional features will be added to the platform following user feedback on what will now be a Beta version NOT just a pilot trial. We have over 50 brand partners taking place in the pilot and have started the process of inviting buyers from across the industry to participate and provide valuable feedback on the pilot/beta version.