Meet The Team



Tim Gill - Founder      

Tim has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, business development and brand building having run numerous businesses over that time including a full-service advertising agency and separate marketing consultancy.With a number of years  spent in the commercial and private aviation sector he moved into the food and beverage industry in 2010.

In 2012 he started his Miracle Matcha brand now known as Miracle Foods and launched Brilliant British Brands in June 2018 to help market other great UK food, beverage and leisure businesses at home and abroad. Tim is passionate about supporting artisan and  like -minded producers on a collaborative basis and is excited about the opportunities that the Brilliant British Brands portfolio can offer its partners and consumers alike.You can contact Tim by emailing him on 


Stephanie Blaise - Masters    Social Media Exec  

Stephanie is a passionate and enthusiastic individual with the intent of offering help, inspiring and supporting others to live their best life physically and mentally. Stephanie has always been a keen sportswoman and furthered her knowledge attaining a degree in BSc. Exercise and Sports Science from The University of Exeter, graduating in 2013.

In addition to her Social Media work and contributions to Brilliant British Brands, Stephanie also works as a Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer and as a BASI Level 3 ISIA Ski Instructor which she has been doing for nearly a decade. Stephanie has future aspirations to enhance her offering and services in these two industries via a new website where she can continue to offer online support, training and blogs related to fitness, health, mindset and Skiing. All of this alongside continuing to train herself in order to be the best athlete she can be. You can contact Stephanie by emailing her on 


Allan Willmott - Creative Director 


Allan joined the team to oversee the creative output of the business. Starting out with a background in illustration (highly commended by the D&AD Awards), he later moved into graphic design, working in a London agency on C&A, Nortel Networks and UK Sport Council accounts. He redesigned the entire packaging range for NOBO whilst working in-house at ACCO Europe, and later created the branding and packaging for popular health products Cho-Yung and Miracle Matcha (one of our partner brands).

Now, with over 22 years of experience across all sectors of offline and online design,  Allan brings a wealth of experience and design flair to our business. Away from his trusty Mac, he’s still busy being creative when playing guitar or helping out the local film society, and talking walks with his family and Louis the dog!