Charrington's Apple Crisps x 15 bags


Charrington's Apple Crisps x 15 bags

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At Charrington's we're always looking for innovative and flavoursome ways to tempt you with our wonderful homegrown and hand-picked apples. So, as well as pressing them into pure juices  we're now slicing and air-drying them to add a little crispiness! 

Our Apple Crisps are a medley of British Cox, Russet and Cheerful Gold apples from our own orchards in Kent. No sugar or sweeteners, no flavouring or preservatives and not fried in oil – that's absolutely nothing added, just natural apple goodness! All we do is thinly slice and then gently air-dry our finest apples to create these crispy bites for you to enjoy. They're very low in fat and a single bag counts as 1 of your 5-a-day. At last, healthy can be delicious too! 

A satisfying, indulgent and nutritious snack for both kids and grown-ups. Ideal for school lunchboxes, office desk drawers, gym bags, picnics... Great eaten on their own but they also go very well with a nice cheese board selection. And within six months of launching our Apple Crisps were WINNER of Best Sweet Bagged Snack at the Quality Food Awards in 2016!