Fruity-Chocolate Spread - Coming soon!
Fruity-Chocolate Spread - Coming soon!

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Fruity-Chocolate Spread - Coming soon!

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Product Description

This fruity-chocolate spread is a combination of tasty and healthy dried fruit with rich cocoa powder, cocoa butter and raw coconut oil, all of which forms a delicious chocolate spread with a difference.

This is not your traditional chocolate spread – for a start there are no nuts. More importantly this is ‘Feel Good Food’ so no additional sugars; only the best natural ingredients and it tastes fantastic!

Exceptional Ingredients

The reason that our spread tastes so good and feels so good is down to the best ingredients. We use organic Italian figs and Californian prunes. These are matched with a single estate Grand Cru organic cacao, and an organic single-estate cocoa butter, both from Chocolat Madagascar which could just be the fairest cocoa products in the world! Our coconut oil is produced by the 300 inhabitants of the tropical island of Batiki in Fiji. As well as being an exceptional cold-pressed coconut oil, Bula Batiki is a truly sustainable product. All of the proceeds from the sale the oil funds Batiki’s long-term development and enables healthcare, educational, and organic farming initiatives on the island.