Green Banana Flour
Green Banana Flour

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Green Banana Flour

Our gluten, wheat and grain free green banana flour is a healthy alternative for everyday use. We simply use unripe green bananas before the sugar content has developed, collecting,  peeling, slicing, drying, grinding them so they are ready to use anytime.

Completely Natural – Our Green  Banana Flour is full of natural vitamins and minerals. Our banana flour is made from 100% all natural green bananas, no additives, preservatives or chemicals. Nothing just healthy green banana.

Our Green Banana Flour contains:

Resistant Starch – Our Green Banana Flour contains RS2, an important form of resistant starch that is found in few foods. Resistant starch, unlike normal starches, is not digested in the small intestine, which results in numerous health benefits.

Potassium – Our Green Banana Flour incorporates the health benefits of 330mg per serving.

Can be used:

- baking (rises beautifully, giving your baking a light fluffy texture, delicious mild flavour and high nutrition)

- mixed in smoothies (high nutrition)