Spice Pots Vegetarian Cook Book

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Spice Pots Vegetarian Cook Book

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Spice Pots Vegetarian Cookbook, with 70 pages, will inspire you to cook many different but simple vegan and vegetarian Indian-inspired dishes.  Paired with Spice Pots, you can have restaurant quality curry on your table in no time.Our focus is on simple recipes using basic ingredients, most of which are very quick.  The majority of our recipes are gluten free and family friendly.  

In this book, there are the following sections:Starters and Nibbles · Mains · Side Dishes · Sauces and Marinades · Desserts and Treats 

This book can only be used with Spice Pots!   Spice Pots blends include Korma, Bhuna, Goan, Tandoori Masala and our Sweet Blend for puddings and desserts.

Our blends are 100% natural (salt, sugar and gluten free) and will happily keep in your store cupboard for up to a year, even after opening.  Each 40g tin can make curry for up to 8 people.