Super Grain Millet Fusilli
Super Grain Millet Fusilli
Super Grain Millet Fusilli

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Super Grain Millet Fusilli

SuperGrain Millet fusilli is created from a naturally gluten free ancient grain with additional health benefits. It tastes similar to the traditional pastas, and has a nice yellow color thanks to a hint of turmeric we use (extra nutritional benefit for everyone!); it keeps its texture perfectly even after cooking.

  • It is easily digestible
  • The only pasta which alkalizing the body due to its millet and turmeric content 
  • It helps to increase your energy levels, due to its very high B-vitamins, especially niacin, thiamin and vitamin B-6, which helps to improve your muscle & nerve health as well
  • Rich in manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and copper
  • Excellent sources of phytochemicals and micronutrients
  • Millet has high amount of soluble fibre which might help to operate the digestive track smoothly and lowers the risk of diabetes and heart attack
  • It is also recommended in case of neurological problems, and it is said, the millet slows down the aging process. It strengthens the immune system, as it is full of minerals.
  • The psyllium husk is an ideal fibre source for those, who are sensitive to wheat. It has a calming effect on the sensitive intestines, which could be troubled by the fibres of wheat.
  • Certified by Coeliac UK and Sugar Wise